European Public Policy Conference

Europe in the Face of Crisis



March 31 – April 2 | Vienna, Austria | Central European University

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What is EPPC?

The European Public Policy Conference (EPPC) is a conference organised every year by students from the Hertie School of Governance. In 2008, the EPPC was founded to address the most challenging issues of today and possible disputes that may emerge tomorrow. 

The conference empowers students and future policy leaders to take charge of and direct their own holistic experience by addressing the public policy issues that they consider to be the most relevant at the time.

We are currently living in a time of multiple, overlapping crises: the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the war of Russian aggression in Ukraine, the subsequent energy and food security crises, and of course the cascading effects of continued and accelerating global heating and climate change. This has led some analysts to term our current era the “Age of Permacrisis”.

Europe in the Face of Crisis

Our Sponsor

The IPLI Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides philanthropic support for academic and applied public policy research initiatives in Europe, the Mediterranean Region and Africa.  Since the first European Public Policy Conference in 2009, the IPLI Foundation has given vast support to students from the Hertie School to start the event and continue the tradition. They believe it to be a great initiative to empower students as future policymakers and to unite policy leaders of today and tomorrow by highlighting and studying challenging public policy issues in Europe and beyond.

Our Organization

The Hertie School is the university of governance in Berlin. It is a first-class, international institution of public policy, preparing top students for leadership positions in society. It is also a central hub for important political and societal debates of our time.  The EPPC is fully student-run and organized by first-year Master of International Affairs and Master of Public Policy students of the Hertie School. We are glad to be given this opportunity and to organize the 15th edition of the conference in March and April 2023!





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Our keynote speakers bring unique insights and alternative perspectives to the discourse on topics such as,  sustainability and climate action, boosting risilience, and pressing challenges as a result of current events.


We offer our participants the opportunity to engage with prominent leaders and experts to discuss pressing challenges regarding the circular economy. We are excited to kick off the conference with a panel to set the context for the entire conference.


Our workshops are an excellent opportunity for participants to combine theoretical insights gained through the keynotes and panels with practical applications. Through direct and interactive exchange, participants acquire practical insights and learn how to deal with real-world situations. 

Speakers from All Over the EU 


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Organizational Board

From Left to Right: Edwin Kwong, Lisa Fontanella, Arianna Avallone, Aditi Tiwari, Catherine Kennon, Debarun Dutta

From Left to Right: Edwin Kwong, Lisa Fontanella, Arianna Avallone, Aditi Tiwari, Catherine Kennon, Debarun Dutta

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