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The 2020 Conference

Two days of Climate Policy & Science
27 - 28 March 2020

The 12th edition of the EPPC will focus on a pressing issue going beyond our borders, our cultural distinctions and our economies - climate change.

The aim of the conference is to create a platform for discussion between climate leaders, policy makers, experts and students on innovative solutions on the future of climate policy- making.

As our society wakes up to the challenges of a changing climate, movements and protests are arising all around the world and sustainability has become a fundamental part of the public debate.

In this scenario, the role of policy makers is ever more crucial. Immediate, effective, and coordinated solutions are required to mitigate side effects and adapt to future conditions.

In order to ensure future governance and collaboration among private and public actors, policy makers must consider different stakeholders’ perspectives in their approach towards sustainable transitions to create comprehensive recommendations for future policy-making.

The conference will be broken down into three main conceptual areas:

Office Location:

Hertie School of Governance,

Friedrichstraße 180

10117 Berlin, Germany

Event Location, 2020:

Vilnius University
Vokiečių g. 10,

Vilnius 01130, Lithuania

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